888poker Ambassador Vivian Saliba Misses Out on the Mystery Bounty Festival Title

The $120,000 Mystery Bounty Opening event, which was a part of the first Mystery Bounty Festival online at 888poker, came to a close on February 20, with Brazil’s “Leofolivieria” taking home the overall prize of $10,811. The $109 buy-in tournament attracted 1,032 participants, including 888poker ambassador Vivian “Vivi.888.” Saliba, who was extremely close to winning the Mystery Bounty Festival?

Josh “Josh Manley” Manley finished eighth in the MB Festival #05 – $15,000 Mystery Bounty 8-Max for $540, and Ian “Simpioni” Simpson won a $4,500 MB Festival Mystery Bounty 6-Max 55 tournament on the same night. Saliba was not the only 888poker ambassador who went deep in an event.

On February 20, play resumed with only nine competitors, but the elimination of Finland’s “I8UrStack” quickly reduced the field to just eight. For 9.6 big blinds, the Finn open-shoved queen-nine of diamonds, and “8ate8” called in the big blind with ace-king of spades. I8UrStack went home in ninth place after 8ate8 made a flush on the river after flopping top two pairs.

When “PashaPushu” moved all-in from middle position for 12.3 big blinds with an ace-queen and “bouillax” three-bet all-in with the ace-king to isolate them, the final eight became seven. PashaPushu bowed out despite flopping a queen because bouillax flopped a king and hit another on the river. The other active players also folded.

The following player, Lithuania’s “sraigtakkk,” found new life where their chips had been. When they moved all-in from early position with a pair of eights in the hole, they were down to 3.5 big blinds. The chip leader “Leofolivieria” called on the button with a queen-jack of hearts, while “perrivini” called from the big blind with a king-four offsuit. Leofolivira spiked a jack on the final community card, keeping the eights as the best hand until the river.

Even though Bouillax had the most chips when six-handed play started, they ended up in sixth place. Before bouillax three-bet shoved for 25.4 big blinds on the button with ace-jack of clubs, 8ate8 min-raised under the gun with queen-jack of diamonds. Leofolivieria awoke in the big blind with pocket kings, just as we thought that would be the end of the action, and re-shoved; Folded to 8ate8. Bouillax did not benefit from a ten-high board, so they finished fifth.

“CARRAMROD” from Ecuador finished fifth, earning $3,093 in prize money

CARRAMROD called off their 12 big blind stack with pocket sevens when perrivini opened with a 23 big blind shove from the button with ace-seven of diamonds. Until the river, when an ace appeared to send CARRAMROD home, those sevens maintained their lead.

After that, Saliba passed away untimely in fourth place, earning $4,001. When Saliba three-bet all-in with ace-king of diamonds for 6.1 big blinds after perrivini had min-raised with the dominated ace-five, she was short-stacked. Saliba was eliminated when she failed to catch a king on the turn or river, and perrivini’s hand remained dominant until they paired their fives on the flop. An incredible run from the ambassador of 888poker.

When 8ate8 lost in the third round, it signaled a warning

Amazingly, 8ate8 won $17,799, more than any other player, even the champion. This occurred as a result of their winning the $12,000 jackpot mystery bounty on Day 1. Perrivini ended 8ate8’s participation in the competition. They used suited queen-jacks and perrivini snap-called with pocket kings to open-shove for 18 big blinds from the small blind. While their opponent improved to a set, 8ate8 flopped a jack.

Going into heads-up, the stacks were evenly matched, which set up an exciting one-on-one encounter that lasted an hour. During the 46th level of the tournament, the final hand took place. Perrivini made an all-in move with an ace-trey for 17 big blinds and Leofoliveira called with pocket fives. Leofoliveira won the $120,000 Mystery Bounty Opening event with a set of fives that was more than enough to get rid of Perrivini and win the total prize of $10,811.

The Mystery Bounty Festival Continues On February 21, a further twelve tournaments of the festival will take place. They have events for everyone, with buy-ins ranging from $1 to $109. Will you win a championship like Leofoliviera did?

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